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frog prince

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Cut frog from background. Desaturate in preparation for turning to chocolate.

Creation of Chocolicious: Step 1
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Filter the destaurated frog with plastic wrap filter.
Add a solid colour adjustment layer and flood fill it with a chocolate brown color. Use a clipping mask to clip the color to the frog layer. Blend on hard light mode.

For a more detailed explanation for how to turn anything into chocolate see

Creation of Chocolicious: Step 2
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Cut boy from background and add a new plain gray background on a new layer.
Clone out cupcake.

Creation of Chocolicious: Step 3
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Resize frog to fit in hand. Adjust chocolate frog color to match the chocolate on the face. Mask out lower areas of frog to show the childs fingers.
Add shadows for frog.

Creation of Chocolicious: Step 4
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Add shadows for the boys body.
Add dirt on a new layer above the gray background and paint some colored dirt using colours from the boys clothes and various dirt brushes.
Add another layer above the boy and paint some more chocolate dirt on boy.
Make a frame by adding a new layer. Select all > Modify > border. Put in the border width and flood fill with color.
Using layer effects, bevel and emboss, add a reddish stroke and an inner shadow.
Add another layer on top of everything, flood fill with a chocolate color and blend on 20% soft light mode.

Creation of Chocolicious: Step 5
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Final result

Creation of Chocolicious: Final Result

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