A Work in Progress: Imperial Envoy

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Imperial Envoy
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mixed media 46

step 1 of 3

Photo from NASA copied multiple times with layer blend adjustments to each layer, and a hue/sat change for this effect. Paint brushed the stars and "glow" effect.

Creation of Imperial Envoy: Step 1
( hi-res )

step 2 of 3

This planet was made by creating a layer with the "cloud render" filter. Then the layer was "sphereized" using the 3d function in Photoshop.

Creation of Imperial Envoy: Step 2
( hi-res )

step 3 of 3

Pixelsquid models with adjustments to the levels and brightness.

Creation of Imperial Envoy: Step 3
( hi-res )

Final result

Creation of Imperial Envoy: Final Result

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