A Work in Progress: Hooded Zeke

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Hooded Zeke
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Poor dude has no idea he is about to become a Zeke, look at those innocent eyes...wow.

Creation of Hooded Zeke: Step 1
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Yep, that dang Zeke under-bite is the first tell-tale sign that impending Zekism is here.

Creation of Hooded Zeke: Step 2
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At some point he decided to forget the foundation makeup altogether, touch to cover up those abscesses.

Creation of Hooded Zeke: Step 3
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Yo! Crack kills Zeke...whoops my bad, he's dead already...

Creation of Hooded Zeke: Step 4
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And last but not least, what self-respecting Zeke would be caught dead (heh heh) without his blood-spatter wardrobe?

Btw, I know some adore the color here, but I am a "Night of the Living Dead" fan and it was terrifying in B&W, so that's why...done.

Creation of Hooded Zeke: Step 5
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Final result

Creation of Hooded Zeke: Final Result

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