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scale of beauty
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cut out back ground , double. add gradient overlay to lower and use perspective warp.
create pattern with scales (EDIT- DEFINE PATTERN).
add FX to background wall. setting layer multiply ,resize pattern to small.

once pattern created from cut out scales, resize, add a little blur.

paint candle shape. use warp to get desired shape. cut out base of scales clip to candle. repeat for base, paint and clip.

cut out dish top from left scale to get gold trims.. clip to desired gold parts and use base of scales to clip to candle , tea pot and cup.

paint tea pot and tea cup, clip scale layers to painted parts.. warp as desired to fit shapes.

resize tea pot and tea cup .

paint flames and clip apples to flame shape.

fill layer with mid gray set layer mode to multiply .. use burn and dodge to create shadow and highlights .. adjust layer opacity and fill .

add new layer -using a dark brown, paint around the edge of image and blur .

Creation of scale of beauty : Step 1
( hi-res )

Final result

Creation of scale of beauty : Final Result

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