A Work in Progress: Old Portrait

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Old Portrait
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Erased the background to replace it later.

Creation of Old Portrait: Step 1
( hi-res )

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Removed the black artifact by putting the vent over and cloned it to fill in around the person's hat.

Creation of Old Portrait: Step 2
( hi-res )

step 3 of 7

Here is the concrete background I used, de-saturated and later blurred. The background was too sharp compared to the people so I tried to even it out. Everyone also had a white line around them that I got rid of.

Creation of Old Portrait: Step 3
( hi-res )

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His nose, and a lot of their faces were really messed up from rips or discolored spots. Some of this was fixed with clone stamps other parts, like his nose were copy and pasted from other family members faces then resized and reshaped to fit. Many faces were also repainted and I'll thank tutorials on deviantart.com by sirasan because I've never painted faces before and needed help with contours so it didn't look flat.

Creation of Old Portrait: Step 4
( hi-res )

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Fixed a lot of little dots and scratches around the entire photo, fixed the little boys arm that was in the wrong place and tried to make the youngest child's torso more proportionate. Also I went around fixing a lot of little lines and creases in clothing for everyone.

Creation of Old Portrait: Step 5
( hi-res )

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This girls face was very bad off as far as color and lighting. After putting the original photo back together, she didn't have a mouth so I had to make one and then give her face contours by painting and smudging light and dark color dots. Done on different layers, set to different opacities depending on how dark or light the areas needed, and also used a little dodge and burn to even things overall. This was done to all but one person in the photo.

Creation of Old Portrait: Step 6
( hi-res )

step 7 of 7

Here is a progression of the moms face. It starts with scratches and discolors that in the 2nd frame I have fixed by painting and smudging different layers over, then reshaped the whole thing to make her nose look less flat in the last frame. I also sampled from another person to help create the bridge of her nose with a little more accuracy.

Creation of Old Portrait: Step 7
( hi-res )

Final result

Creation of Old Portrait: Final Result

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