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free falling

Original image

step 1 of 5

With a hard brush, draw squigly lines to conform to roundness of figure, next time I would draw thinner lines.

Creation of Framework: Step 1
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step 2 of 5

mask out most of statue figure that's going to be modified.

Creation of Framework: Step 2
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step 3 of 5

Select drawn lines, and on figure layer, copy and paste to new layer, and bevel and emboss to your liking.

Creation of Framework: Step 3
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step 4 of 5

continue to do same for rest of figure to a level that satisfies you.

Creation of Framework: Step 4
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step 5 of 5

It can be a tedious project, and next time I'd make many more, and much thinner lines.
Don't forget to do same with the opposite side since it is a 3 dimensional figure, and it has to look hollow.
(This could've been much much better had I had more time and patience.)

Creation of Framework: Step 5
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Final result

Creation of Framework: Final Result

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