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Time flies
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Original image

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Copy the right part of the swans wing and stretch it over the part where we miss the rest of the wing.

Creation of Time flies: Step 1
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Cut out the wing

Creation of Time flies: Step 2
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Cut out the watch

Creation of Time flies: Step 3
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Place the watch + wing on the autumn picture, copy the wing and flip it horizontally, place the watch on top, select all three layers and copy them, if all three stay selected you can scale them with cntl+T. Take one corner with your mouse and scale it! by holding the shift button also you can scale proportionally.

Creation of Time flies: Step 4
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Put some more copies of these three layers and scale them as they are further away in the picture.

Creation of Time flies: Step 5
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After we placed some more flying watches, you can (because there are three layers available for each flying watch) move the wings bij rotating them different for each watch.

Creation of Time flies: Step 6
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The second largest watch needs a reflection in the water. Make a copy of this watch's layer. make sure to flip en reverse the image to match the reflections upside down in the water. take the lowest punt of the watch and match the same point of the reflection.

Creation of Time flies: Step 7
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If you watch the trees and their reflections in the water, you will see that all the highlights in the trees are gone when we look to the reflections in the water. so our watch has to loose these highlights as well. the easy way to do that in this case is to go to levels and pick up the white starting value and put it around 98.

Creation of Time flies: Step 8
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The second difference we notice in the reflection is the sharpness in the water. It's blurry! so we have to go to Gaussian blur en put it on 5,7 pixels

Creation of Time flies: Step 9
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To simulate the wrinkles in the water I used the wave generator.
Menu: Filter - Distort - wave.

Creation of Time flies: Step 10
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Top make the reflection of the third watch we have to overcome a little problem: the vegetation in the water. But its simple to do. :)
First copy the three layers of the third watch, flatten the selected layers into 1 layer, select everything. cntl+a, then copy it into your virtual memory. "cntl + c. Then we make a mask.
1. first select with the magic wand tool the water. tolerance: 30
2. Then go to menu; select - similar
3. then go to select - modify - border :3
4. then hold down the shiftkey and again select the blue as in step 1
5. the again menu: select - similar.
6 finally go to menu: Edit - Paste special - Paste into.

Creation of Time flies: Step 11
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step 12 of 15

With the wave plugin I get to much wrinkles, so on this layer I deleted it with my erasertool. Deleting 1 wave, leaving the next unharmed, then delete the next line, and so on...

Creation of Time flies: Step 12
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With the clonetool :5 pixel wide I create some water wrinkles in between to give it more effect of water.

Creation of Time flies: Step 13
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Swan ; my own picture

Creation of Time flies: Step 14
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Autumn ; my own picture

Creation of Time flies: Step 15
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Final result

Creation of Time flies: Final Result

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