A Work in Progress: Blossoms

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Original image

step 1 of 7

Cut out veined section from source and use free transform to make it a little taller

Creation of Blossoms: Step 1
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step 2 of 7

Invert the image and using Transform-Perspective, merge the top corners

Creation of Blossoms: Step 2
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step 3 of 7

Duplicate the image...a lot...and construct the flowers and leaves. Use Transform-Warp to change up the shapes to give some variety. Use a radial gradient overlay to give some color to the flower and a color overlay for the leaves.

Creation of Blossoms: Step 3
( hi-res )

step 4 of 7

Draw a simple line in a medium brown tone, bevel it, give it a pattern overlay for texture and use the smudge tool to pull out the smaller branches. Duplicate this and transform it to a smaller size then move the smaller branch into position behind the larger to complete the branches

Creation of Blossoms: Step 4
( hi-res )

step 5 of 7

Time to put it all together. Make bunches of leaves and put one of the flowers on top to create a bunch. Add a drop shadow to the individual bunch. Merge the first bunch or two you make and use Transform-Warp and Perspective to give you some variety.

Creation of Blossoms: Step 5
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step 6 of 7

Add a reflected, black to white gradient overlay to a black background along with a color overlay to give some color.

Creation of Blossoms: Step 6
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step 7 of 7

Finally add a colored paper adjustment layer between the background and the branches to complete.

Creation of Blossoms: Step 7
( hi-res )

Final result

Creation of Blossoms: Final Result

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