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Original image

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Start by cloning away the shell. Instead of just using the clone tool, try copying large parts of the picture to keep as much sharpness as possible.

Creation of Snailride: Step 1
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step 2 of 14

I wanted to recreate the snail without the shell, but the lighting on the body makes this almost impossible so I got an idea that someone should be riding the snail instead.

Here I have just copied other parts of the snail an made some adjustments with light etc to make it match as good as possible.

Creation of Snailride: Step 2
( hi-res )

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Add the frog, note that the light on the frog is not the same as in the picture.

Creation of Snailride: Step 3
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After that, use brightness and some more color correction on the frog.

Creation of Snailride: Step 4
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step 5 of 14

Add a new layer with the frog and clone away all the bright spots that you can see in sbs 3.

Creation of Snailride: Step 5
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Reduce brightness and add shadows on the top frog layer.

Creation of Snailride: Step 6
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Add a layer mask on the top frog layer and erase the dark parts where the light will fall. Add some sparkling dots on the skin to make it more shiny. See original frog picture for reference. The light froglayer below will now shine through.

Creation of Snailride: Step 7
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Add shadows under the frog but also on the ground and use some of the original picture of the snail to mask away some irregularities on the body.

Creation of Snailride: Step 8
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Add the hat. I have cloned the white stripe on the hat (it was in the middle) so it matches the lightsource. The butterfly is color corrected and also light corrected with the legs painted and embossed. Don't forget to add shadows under the hat.

Creation of Snailride: Step 9
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step 10 of 14

Add the shell, note that it appears to be floating. We need shadows and colors to make it match.

Creation of Snailride: Step 10
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Add some colors to the ground and some shadows with 85% overlay and maybe duplicate that layer to make it darker. You need to play around to see what looks good in your picture.

Creation of Snailride: Step 11
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Add background with blur to match. I have built the reins to match the snails head. Not that it doesn't seem to fit.

Creation of Snailride: Step 12
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With a hue and saturation layer and by painting low opacity black we make it blend in better.

Creation of Snailride: Step 13
( hi-res )

step 14 of 14

Some high pass filter to sharpen, some minor color and levels adjustments and finally dodge and burn to bring out some shadows and highlights. Use liquify to give the frog a smile. Done.

Creation of Snailride: Step 14
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Final result

Creation of Snailride: Final Result

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