A Work in Progress: Plundered

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I started in 3ds max with a basic box primitive and then using polygon modelling I created the chest, simple extrusion and some edge looping created the plank look on the outside of the box.

Creation of Plundered : Step 1
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I wanted to show you how the final scene was set-up so that you can see exactly how the eco-systems of rock and pebbles looked when not in water.

Creation of Plundered : Step 2
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Heres the environment settings for the background sky

Creation of Plundered : Step 3
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Creation of Plundered : Step 4
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Creation of Plundered : Step 5
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For the the gold coins I made a cylinder primitive and then squashed it. I placed a gold material on and then saved it as a vue object file or .vob, I then used a sand as a base material and added the gold coin as an eco-system instance.

Creation of Plundered : Step 6
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The pebbles are also an eco-system set-up on sand and spread liberally over the terrain.

Creation of Plundered : Step 7
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The chest was covered in a wood material default to vue. However I did some modifications to the material which just a bitmap. I created a bump map in the function editor.

Creation of Plundered : Step 8
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Final result

Creation of Plundered : Final Result

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