A Work in Progress: Jack and the bean

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Jack and the bean
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Used Plastic Animation Paper (PAP) and Photoshop for the animation.

In PAP, I started with making a rough sequence.

The idea was to make a kid jumping from end to end but after testing it out, the animation lasted for only 3 seconds or so. I changed the sequence later in the next steps.

Creation of Jack and the bean: Step 1

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After the rough sketch, I added details and more frames in between.

Creation of Jack and the bean: Step 2

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Just changed the scene to something longer.

Creation of Jack and the bean: Step 3

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After finishing all the frames (134 all in all, around 40 or so are clones), I exported the images.

For the frame animation in PS, I stacked all the frames into one file (as layers). Then in the Animation window's option, select "Make frames from layers" to convert each layer into an animation frame.

Seems that PAP doesn't save the transparency so that in PS, I set all the frames' Blending mode to Multiply. This will make the white background of the layers invisible.

Creation of Jack and the bean: Step 4

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For each frame (except for the clones), I cleaned up the lines and added color. Forgot to mention that I already added color to the background.

This is my first time to try this kind of animation so the steps I used are pretty experimental but I hope you still find it helpful.

PAP is free (for Windows only) by the way.

Creation of Jack and the bean: Step 5

Final result

Creation of Jack and the bean: Final Result

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