A Work in Progress: Matrix Prison

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Matrix Prison
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matrix pattern :
1. Create a new document of any size, set the foreground color to black and background color to white.

2. Goto Filter < Texture < Grain Intensity: 100%, Contrast: 100%, Grain Type: Vertical.

3. Goto Filter < Artistic < Neon Glow choose the color you want to use (mine is green) and use these settings Glow Size: 5, Glow Brightness: 15.

4. Go to Filter < Stylize < Glowing Edges Edge Width: 1, Brightness: 8, and Smoothness: 1.

Creation of Matrix Prison: Step 1

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creating a room effect

Creation of Matrix Prison: Step 2

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more effects

Creation of Matrix Prison: Step 3

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hanging the man and the final output

Creation of Matrix Prison: Step 4
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Final result

Creation of Matrix Prison: Final Result

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