A Work in Progress: Flourescent_Tube

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let there be light

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First I created a floor. Next, I created a simple cyclinder.
I dont need to put any detail on apart from some basic text which I use MoText and the Wrap Deformer at the end of the session.
I then create another cylinder, but this time, I add a fillet to it.
This is going to be used for the end caps.

Creation of Flourescent_Tube: Step 1

step 2 of 3

I next add two more cyclinders for the circuit part of the Caps.
I then group these all together, then copy it, then rotate it 180o and place it at the opposite end.
After I have created the text, I then add a sky, some basic colors with reflection, but the main tube I add a glow to it.

Creation of Flourescent_Tube: Step 2

step 3 of 3

I then render it as a PS file, then, I add another layer and add a hint of yellow, just to give it a little contrast.

Don't forget to turn it off when you have finished :D

Creation of Flourescent_Tube: Step 3

Final result

Creation of Flourescent_Tube: Final Result

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