A Work in Progress: Glasses and Pen

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Glasses and Pen
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Drew a rectangle and filled it with marble-ish color, then dodged and burned. Skewed to desired shape and copied for front and sides. New multiply layer on the top to darken it some. Copied the entire thing, made it smaller and burned it to a golden color. Then made a ball and pen, and burned the highlights on them.

Creation of Glasses and Pen: Step 1

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Drew a rough outline of one lens and one temple piece

Creation of Glasses and Pen: Step 2

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Copied lens and temple pieces and assembled into glasses. Placed on marble base. Drew in some highlights, and did dodge and burn, then very low opacity erase, to make horn rims. Added some highlights for glass in lenses.

Creation of Glasses and Pen: Step 3

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Made wall from cloud filter, fiber filter, dodge and burn, then liquify filter for knots. Copied layer at 50% and made fibers shorter and stronger for wood texture. Followed same procedure for desk without the overlay fibers, turned 90 degrees and warped to fit angles of pen stand.

Creation of Glasses and Pen: Step 4

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Copied glasses and made shadow (levels, gaussian blur, lower opacity) then warped to fit picture. Painted shadow for pen and stand and line between desk and wall. Then a few final tweaks to finish.

Creation of Glasses and Pen: Step 5

Final result

Creation of Glasses and Pen: Final Result

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