A Work in Progress: Smoking Cows

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Smoking Cows
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Original image

step 1 of 10

I deleted the background and edited the cow to make it black. Filters and various adjustments (brightness, contrast...) were used.

Creation of Smoking Cows: Step 1

step 2 of 10

I liked my cow to have a cigar and an eye, so I added that stuff.

That creepy eye is actually painted over the image (after smudging to create the space needed for it).

The cigar is taken from the source offered by The Birkes. I also used warp and smudge to adapt the cow's mouth and a black brush to darken it.

Creation of Smoking Cows: Step 2

step 3 of 10

Here I cropped the cow at the neck using the poligonal lazo tool, and gave a stroke of grey around it.

Creation of Smoking Cows: Step 3

step 4 of 10

I opened the source by yoohoojuju and started adapting it to my needs. I also cropped the image to focus the attention of the viewer on the foreground (where I'll put the cow).

Creation of Smoking Cows: Step 4

step 5 of 10

I modified the brick wall by kalleboo, putting it in the right perspective. Then I masked the wall (as shown in this image).

I used a new file to create the text. Then I created a logo with it and the edited cow to modify the boy's sirlet.

Then I took the bag and the sprays from yoohoojuju's source and used it in my work.

Creation of Smoking Cows: Step 5

step 6 of 10

After adding the previous elements I put the cow and the text on the wall. To adapt the graffito to the bricks various levels were used with different blending modes (overlay, soft light, saturation, color) and opacities.

Creation of Smoking Cows: Step 6

step 7 of 10

Here I added some dirt both on the ground and the wall, using new levels and brushes.

I also painted some red under the cow and the text, both to increase contrast and to imitate many real graffiti.

Creation of Smoking Cows: Step 7

step 8 of 10

Here I started working with lights and shadows, adding a spotlight effect on the foreground, and leaving the rest darker. Just as a scene taken at night.

I also darkened the angles of the image with a soft brush.

Creation of Smoking Cows: Step 8

step 9 of 10

Added shadows and made some adjustments (saturation, luminosity).

Creation of Smoking Cows: Step 9

step 10 of 10

Here I made just few final adjustments, to make the image more vivid, and give more contrast to the cow.

Creation of Smoking Cows: Step 10

Final result

Creation of Smoking Cows: Final Result

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