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Create a new Photoshop Document at 1280 x 1024 and fill the background with Black (Hexidecimal Color Code #FFFFFF).

Creation of ufo: Step 1

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Create a new layer and apply a color overlay color of Blue-Green (Hexadecimal Color #0066cc) and turn the layer opacity down to 77%

Creation of ufo: Step 2

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Create a new layer make sure your Foreground colors are default black (#000000) and white (#FFFFFF). Fill the new layer with Black. Then goto Filter->Render->Fibers. So you get a simular effect to below.

Now Set the layer mode to Luminosity and lower the opacity of the layer down to 22%.

Creation of ufo: Step 3

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Now click on the add layer mask button and mask out all of fibers except around the edge like in the photo below using a Black paint brush.

If you make a mistake you can use a white paintbrush to paint the fibers back onto the canvas :).

Creation of ufo: Step 4

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Now place the globe on a new layer and set the layer mode to Vivid Light. Line up the globe (by stretching transforming and rotating it) with the fibers layer so that they are on the edges of the globe.

Result should be like the resulting image. Or as close as your ability allows you to.

Creation of ufo: Step 5

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Lets start to create the UFO shall we.

Now on a new document of the same size with a white background. (You could also make a new group for all the current layers named background and hide the layer group).

Create an Ellipse like the one in the picture below.

On a new layer insert the picture of the bubble and change the mode to Luminosity opacity should be around 63%.

Mask out the bubble to look like in the photo below.

Creation of ufo: Step 6

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You should be left with something like this. Using the pen tool draw out the shapes like i did. Try to make them look as good as you can and stay within the ellipse if possible.

When the shapes are drawn Fill them by right clicking inside the shape path with the pen tool and selecting the Fill option. Use any color you wish at this point.

Creation of ufo: Step 7

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When all of the shapes are complete you will want to be able to see them. Add a stroke to them of 1 pixel width in black.

Creation of ufo: Step 8

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Hopefully yours look similar to mine by this stage of the tutorial.

Creation of ufo: Step 9

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Now add the metal board into the Photoshop file on a new layer.

Apply a Gaussian Blur of around 3.4.

Creation of ufo: Step 10

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Now add some noise to the layer. Noise levels between 2-4 should be fine. We need to be able to see some of the fine details for added effect.

Creation of ufo: Step 11

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Copy merged from the edit menu the gray metal we just added the effects onto.

Now those layer shapes for the parts of the ship (the ones we could have made any color).

Hold down the CTRL (command on MAC) and clock on the shape mask.

You should now have a selection.

Goto Edit->Paste Into this should automatically create a new layer and leave you with a Layer looking like below.

Creation of ufo: Step 12

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After you have that completed something like this should be what you have.

Creation of ufo: Step 13

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Apply the below layer styles to each of the parts aswell.

Creation of ufo: Step 14

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Creation of ufo: Step 15

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Also draw out and fill in just like the other parts a part for the bottom of the craft. Use Curves to darken the bottom part for added effect.

Creation of ufo: Step 16

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Draw out the shapes using the photoop tools. I used the pen but other tool will do fine.

Creation of ufo: Step 17

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Add the following styles to the shapes.

Creation of ufo: Step 18

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Creation of ufo: Step 19

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Creation of ufo: Step 20

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And the shapes will now look like this.

Creation of ufo: Step 21

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I had to retrace my steps so this is not an exact guide to make it look exactly the same. I fine tuned my final piece quite a lot.


Creation of ufo: Step 22

Final result

Creation of ufo: Final Result

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