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Miss Honey
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honey drip

Original image

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This the original stock image of the girl

Creation of Miss Honey: Step 1
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I've coloured the skin of the girl with a fuzzy brush, set on yellow and on overlay effect. I've added also a smooth shade of yellow using the color filter option from the edit menu in Photoshop

Creation of Miss Honey: Step 2

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Cropped the honey drip from the source image and copy pasted several times. I've set the layers which contained the honey drip on overlay from the layers window. In order to make them look different some of them have been distorted using the warp option from the Transform menu.

Creation of Miss Honey: Step 3

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Added the honey tools in the girl's hair

Creation of Miss Honey: Step 4

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I've changed the background of the original girl's image with a water dripping window. Set the background image on 70% transparency, than I've used a fuzzy brush set on overlay in order to add different hues of color.

Creation of Miss Honey: Step 5

Final result

Creation of Miss Honey: Final Result

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