A Work in Progress: Never More

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Never More
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supple stipple

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Arranged the two sources

Creation of Never More: Step 1

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Creation of Never More: Step 2

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After lowering the opacity of the source, I used a size 7 brush with spacing at 120% and shape dynamics set at pen pressure 25%. I mostly kept the same settings, only changing the size of the brush.

Creation of Never More: Step 3

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Same thing with the skull

Creation of Never More: Step 4

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I made an arch of varing sized dots, then copied and reduced the size, fitting the copy under the original. Merged the five arches into one. Copied, merged, copied merged until I had the background filled. Then copied that and just moved it down to darken the bottom part of the background.

Creation of Never More: Step 5

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Once I had the background the way I wanted it, I erased the parts under the raven and skull. Then I used a large, soft brush with a low fill and erased the background around the raven.

Creation of Never More: Step 6

Final result

Creation of Never More: Final Result

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