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laughing dummy

Original image

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Added higher contrast, saturation and and sharpened the image. I adjusted the exposure and then made use of the warm photo filter. This is my photo.

Creation of Wanted: Step 1

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Added the lawman. Blurred the edges and added a second layer for shadows. Changed exposure settings to make him stand out more in the darkness. Added legs and hand drew his hat.

Creation of Wanted: Step 2
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Fixed the image of the dummy and removed its features. Removed the detailing from the jacket. Darkened the red color. Put onto background and added a layer for dark shadows. Placed the features on the face, blended in with layer mask. Added lights to make the face glow. Added detail and more vivid colors to the features using the exposure, burn color brush and vivid light brush. Then finishing touches - adjusted the whole exposure and saturation levels, use smart sharpen.

Creation of Wanted: Step 3
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step 4 of 4

My original photo.

Creation of Wanted: Step 4

Final result

Creation of Wanted: Final Result

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