A Work in Progress: Moonlight Ride

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Moonlight Ride
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female mask

Original image

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Liquify warp tool is used to distort facial features - the chin is lengthened, and nose as well. Eyes are brought up on outside corners.

Creation of Moonlight Ride : Step 1

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Brush work is now done on the face to smooth it and to reshape the nose.

Creation of Moonlight Ride : Step 2

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This is the point that the decision was made to go to a larger canvas and draw in witch hat, broom and clothes. A brush tool was used to do this.

Creation of Moonlight Ride : Step 3

step 4 of 12

Area around the face have been chopped out, and work is started on further refining the hat and using brush tools to fill in color. Rather than black, a dark reddish brown is used so that shadow layers in finished image will be black after burn tool is used. Blue background layer is added and then a large yellow circle is brushed on to become the moon. This was added now so that the witch could be designed to work well with the circle shape background.

Creation of Moonlight Ride : Step 4

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Using brush tools, dress is filled in and one leg and shoe begun.

Creation of Moonlight Ride : Step 5

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Shoes are both in, and further work done on shading of dress, hat and shoes using burn tool for shadows.

Creation of Moonlight Ride : Step 6

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Face and hands were lassoed with magnetic lasso and color changed to green, then merged over face and hands of image. Edges were then smudged. (lasso process leaves some rough edges when reapplied to the original image)

Creation of Moonlight Ride : Step 7

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Broom has been finished using brush tools, warts have been added to witch's face with brush tool, burn and dodge tools, then hair is added using a hard brush tool with squiggly lines.

Creation of Moonlight Ride : Step 8

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Background fog is added in several shades of gray, using soft airbrush.

Creation of Moonlight Ride : Step 9

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Nebula Orion source used for pattern layer over other layers.

Creation of Moonlight Ride : Step 10

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A layer of nebula is duplicated for over moon layer and another for over witch layer. Both duplicated layers are lowered in opacity to leave some of the pattern without losing the original images. (36%)

Creation of Moonlight Ride : Step 11

step 12 of 12

Just had to add a buckle to the hat. It was brushed on and then given speckles through render tool. (Buckle was isolated using the magnetic lasso tool, then speckled)

Creation of Moonlight Ride : Step 12

Final result

Creation of Moonlight Ride : Final Result

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