A Work in Progress: Quilter's "Dill-Lite"

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Quilter's "Dill-Lite"
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Original image

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Rotate source image, duplicate and flip horizontally.

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Step 1

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Join both images together, carefully matching seams

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Step 2

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With Corel Painter, using the "Kaliedoscope" Dynamic Plugin, select a 500px area to create a "quilt square." Alternatively, in Photoshop, you can create a 250px selection of an area, dupicate and flip it horizontally, then duplicate and flip both of those vertically and merge all 4 layers to create a 500px square.

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Step 3

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Repeat creating squares from all over the image until you have 4 rows of 5 squares (20 squares total)

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Step 4

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Working with 1 square at a time, create a Gradient Adustment Level

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Step 5

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Click the gradient and choose Noise, 50%, either HSB or LAB mode.

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Step 6

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Duplicate the original square layer, desaturate it (Ctrl+Shift+U), duplicate the desaturated layer (Ctrl+J) and invert it (Ctrl+I). Change the layer mode to "Color Dodge," and then apply Filter>Other>Minimum at 1px. Click OK to create a "sketch."

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Step 7

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Duplicate the sketch layer, change the Layer Mode to "Linear Burn" and merge the two sketch layers together.

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Step 8

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Remove the white from the sketch (I use a plugin, "Mac's Remove White," but you can use the magic wand with the tolerance set to about 40), and place the sketch over the colored square layer. Double click the sketch layer to bring up the Layer Styles dialogue box, and choose Bevel and Emboss. Click the Bevel and Emboss, and select "Pillow Emboss," adjusting Depth and Size to taste.

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Step 9

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Here are all the squares colored with Gradient Map adjustment layers.

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Step 10

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And here they all are with sketch layers and the Pillow Emboss Layer Style applied

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Step 11

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Prepare a "trim" layer beneath all the squares in a desired color. Link each square with its Gradient Map adjustment layer and its Pillow Emboss sketch layer, and position it on the background, leaving a small gap between the squares, and around the edge. Turn off the background layer visibility, and hit "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E" to create a merged layer of all the quilt squares. Holding the Ctrl key, click inside the thumbnail of the merged layer to select all of the squares. Turn off the visiblity of all layers (Right click the visibility check mark of the layer to do this)

Make the background layer visible, and create a new layer above it. Stroke the selection 2px from the center with black, and then give it a Pillow Emboss Layer Style, like you did the quilt squares.

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Step 12

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Make the merged squares layer visible above the background and the Pillow Emboss layer you just created.

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Step 13

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Merge Visible the quilt squares and background layers like you did earlier, and position this merged "quilt" layer on top of the background image, resizing and skewing the angle to fit.

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Step 14

Final result

Creation of Quilter's "Dill-Lite": Final Result

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