A Work in Progress: lazy afternoon fishing

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lazy afternoon fishing
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gradient background

add ocean floor

1st layer of clouds. g-blur
lower opacity

cut out mountain. flip . vertical. duplicate. blend

cut out grass from tree. shape oval

add child , burn shadows

cut out tree, 2 layers of tree.... 1st layer i blurred the edges then added second layer....

create tent: cut triangle from sail. (source) cut tent shape dodge and burn

cut metal from source create tent pegs and rope. warp/ burn/dodge

Fish: cut sail from source.

use strip to shape for boat base, cut and warp white of sail to create boat sails. use metal part of source for mast and trim on boat.

add birds.. adjust fill, opacity and blur to provide depth.

create fish.. then warp and dodge/burn
making fish... cut out triangle of sail.... position where stripe is straight. then cut out fish body shape.. clip scales to body... warp and shape scales to fit fish shape. cut out fins from stripe.. lower the opacity to give fins opacity look.

worm: paint worm shape, clip sail to worm shape.. create eyes out of the stripe. dodge and burn

add more clouds.. blur and soften

Creation of lazy afternoon fishing: Step 1

Final result

Creation of lazy afternoon fishing: Final Result

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