A Work in Progress: Time Gremlin

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Time Gremlin
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Original image

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First, a very bad sketch, just to visualize how the body would look.

Creation of Time Gremlin: Step 1

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I used color balance, brightness/contrast and saturation on a copy of the source to make the skin. I redrew the gremlin's head with a little more detail, put the sketch over the skin and used a mask to take away everything that wasn't the head. I smudged it and then, with the sketch still over the top of it, used exposure adjustment layers (dark and light) to shade it.

Creation of Time Gremlin: Step 2

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I used a mask again to draw the body parts. (Tip: When I used the layer mask on the skin, I inverted the mask. This made the layer "disappear". Then I used the brush to make it reappear in the shape I wanted.)

Creation of Time Gremlin: Step 3

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I smudged each part, but I wanted more texture. I used Filter>Noise>Add Noise and then Filter>Blur>Lens Blur for that purpose.

Creation of Time Gremlin: Step 4

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The reflection was...challenging. I started with copies of the front gremlin pieces, reduced to fit. I arranged the parts layers according to what would be closest (long leg and tail on top, bent leg on the bottom, ect.). I used a layer mask on the parts to allow the clock filigree to show. Then I smudged, texturized and shaded the parts, as before.

I also changed the time on the clock. Did you notice?

Creation of Time Gremlin: Step 5

Final result

Creation of Time Gremlin: Final Result

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