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goodbye old friend
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cut out birds.
parts required:

head, wings, body.

assemble: eagle wings
for wings and tail.

To create tail :paint tail shape and clip wing to tail shape.. warp to shape feathers.

cut out doorway, room and 2 posts. lower opacity and
erase to blend. add stain glass window.

add lady: burn hair and lips on one to make them look different.

To add effects to bird:

after bird assembled. merge layers of bird

Filters:stylize, find lines
image adjustments/ desat
image adjustments invert.

rotate 90CW
filters: Wind
Guss blur
motion blur

layer blend MODES: 1st layer: screen 100% opacity and fill
2nd layer :screen 50% fill
and opactiy.
add colour balance/ mask everything except bird
layer settings:
50 opacity
53 fill

add another colour balance layer

opacity 100%
fill 61%

Creation of goodbye old friend: Step 1

Final result

Creation of goodbye old friend: Final Result

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