A Work in Progress: Dream catcher

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Dream catcher
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file layer with gradient-radial.

new layer marque tool- rectangle fill with light brown orange . blend edge for horizon.

new layer.. filter >render>clouds. Edit transform < perspective. adjust to horizon line , soften. layer blend mode style > emboss. merge layers,,, burn and dodge circle to give 3 D effect.

to create floor. cut out concrete block on right of source.. duplicate heaps to create a floor.

cut out lady. new layer paint clothing and clip wolf to painted layer. warp to create fur cloth.

cut out posts .. add shadow.
for firelights.
3 colours using round brush and warp to create shape. add a little blur to soften.
layer blend modes as follows:
normal- white shade, saturation red shade and yellow white soft light.


paint feather shape and clip post to feather shape. dodge and burn .

beads. cut circle out of pool
dodge and burn to create 3D look.

spirit sky people ... cut out shapes.

set layer blend modes to screen and lower the opacity to 38% play with the fill depending on colour blend wanted. I desaturated the horse to blend better.

create stars : just random all over the screen.. soften with opacity.. create a few layers of different size stars and different strenght of colour.

duplicate first gradient layer and add a photo filter of undersea.

Creation of Dream catcher: Step 1

Final result

Creation of Dream catcher: Final Result

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