A Work in Progress: The Heat is On

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The Heat is On
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Sketched out dragon. Filled with gray tones using paint tool and smudge brush.

Creation of The Heat is On: Step 1

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Once the base for the dragon was done I cut out the seed from the Hamburger and used it to build the scales.

I used the warp tool and Puppet warp to fit it onto the dragon drawing

Creation of The Heat is On: Step 2

step 3 of 11

Using the Cheese from the hamburger I made the Chest cladding. Mostly cut, paste and blending using layer mask.

Creation of The Heat is On: Step 3

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Using the same seed I covered the Face "bones" and horns. Again, warping, puppet warp and blending with layer masks.

Creation of The Heat is On: Step 4

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Wing braces where created using the Pen tool and then filled and given shape using the Pillow emboss. This was enhanced later.

Creation of The Heat is On: Step 5

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Using the Hamburger meat I covered the wing braces. I put a copy of the braces in the Hamburger image and selected it in pieces then pasted and blended it onto the image with Layer masks.

Creation of The Heat is On: Step 6

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The wing leather was drawn using the braces as a template for the shape. I used about 6 or 7 layers to get the texture, veins and contour lighting. Trimmed to desired outline.

I used the Palm tree from the source to cover my grayscale drawing and give the wings more texture

Creation of The Heat is On: Step 7

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Detail was worked on like fixing the Claws on the wing tip and refining the wing braces. Also worked on the Wing "muscles" using the cloning and smudge tool.

Creation of The Heat is On: Step 8

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The background was created from the Hamburger meat and a lot of blending and mixing. There was also a couple of Adjustment layers and blend mode changes to get the Glow.

The flames were made by duplicating the Glowing rocks, enlarging them, gaussian blur, motion blur, layer mask painted to get flame look, then used Wave distortion filter on the Mask to get a wavy, flame like look.

The sky was created using a home made cloud brush and the ocean from the source (not shown).

Creation of The Heat is On: Step 9

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Final fix-up. The tail had to be readjusted as it did not work on the rock. I also re-worked the claws.

Creation of The Heat is On: Step 10

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Just of the fun of it ... here is the image before the edit.

Creation of The Heat is On: Step 11

Final result

Creation of The Heat is On: Final Result

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avatar George55
George55 says:

Nice SBS, well explained and a terrific result!!!! Wait to see a tutorial from you to practice it. The dragon looks very nice, and the colors blend all together......! Thanks for sharing it with us.

(5 years and 1261 days ago)