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perfume bottle

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simple create a chamfer box and use the 2x2 modifier and push in the bottom

Creation of VITTORIO: Step 1

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shrink the chamfer box and bring it inside the other one. then make the straw with the cylinder and add a bend modifier note drag the gizmo to the top if your pivot point is at the bottom

Creation of VITTORIO: Step 2

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create a chamfer cylinder and extrude the bottom. make a cone and boolean it out to make the spray part, and another cylinder for the bottom connecting part then put it togeather

Creation of VITTORIO: Step 3

step 4 of 11

make a chamfer box and make sure the edges are smooth then add a photometric light and the ground

Creation of VITTORIO: Step 4

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create a front plain in front of both objects and add a push modifier with 00.04 this is for our opacity map

Creation of VITTORIO: Step 5

step 6 of 11

this is my diffuse map i made in photo-shop and i used my wacom tablet to put my real signature at the bottom i had to practice it a few times

Creation of VITTORIO: Step 6

step 7 of 11

this is the inverted opasity map

Creation of VITTORIO: Step 7

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at first i did have a different name but i changed it to something with more elegance

Creation of VITTORIO: Step 8

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and for the textures i used the default glass and chrome texture and used the same for the liquid but changed the IRO (index of refraction) and color and now to get the money shot

Creation of VITTORIO: Step 9

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if you look at the bottom you can see how long it took it at 20 hours. and im on a 6 core machine with 12 gigs of ram

Creation of VITTORIO: Step 10

step 11 of 11

just getting a feel for the lighting . i took about 30 test renders over night altogether . but i really like this competition.

Creation of VITTORIO: Step 11

Final result

Creation of VITTORIO: Final Result

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