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Egg Plant
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I used Filter Forge to create the texture and then changed the color by using Layer > Layer Style > Color Overlay. The Elliptical Marquee tool was used to make the oval, the base and rim, with warp for the last two.

Creation of Egg Plant: Step 1

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I changed the leaf's color by using Image > Brightness/Contrast, then used Filter > Liquify to change the shape of the leaves.

Creation of Egg Plant: Step 2

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Taking one of the leaves from the previous adjustment, I again used Brightness/Contrast to darken it. I then used warp to lengthen it and make it slimmer. I tool a small section of the stem, copied and merged to make a larger stem.

Creation of Egg Plant: Step 3

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I took a copy of the larger stem, reduced the size and then used Perspective to narrow the top. I reduced the size of the originally colored leaf, the fried egg and the egg shell.

Creation of Egg Plant: Step 4

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Warp to change the shape and then placement.

Creation of Egg Plant: Step 5

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Taking a leaf from the fern, I enlarged it, then used warp to give it a twist. I used Free Transform to shorten and shrink the scrambled eggs and used warp to shape it. I brightened the color using Brightness/Contrast and Image > Adjustments > Color Balance.

Creation of Egg Plant: Step 6

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Taking the previously made stem, I used Color Balance to make it green. Adjustment Layers and Layer > Layer Style > Color Overlay were used on the egg. The leaves were made as explained before.

Creation of Egg Plant: Step 7

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I used Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layers to add shadow and light.

Creation of Egg Plant: Step 8

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I warped the egg and used the Rectangular Marquee tool to copy a section of it. I used Color Overlay and Brightness/Contrast to change the color. To avoid similarities in the bricks, I used the Clone tool to alter them.

Creation of Egg Plant: Step 9

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I used the smudged tool set to about 75% to create the irregularities on the edges of the bricks. I drew a grid and used Distort to place the bricks in the grid.

Creation of Egg Plant: Step 10

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A combination of Brightness/Contrast adjustment layers and Burn to create the shadows on the bricks and mortar.

Creation of Egg Plant: Step 11

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I used a large, soft brush to make the vase shadow and Copy, Image > Levels (pushing the sliders all the way to dark) and Gaussian blur for the flower shadows. The wall is different layers and opacity of color with Filter > Artistic > Sponge for texture.

Creation of Egg Plant: Step 12

Final result

Creation of Egg Plant: Final Result

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