A Work in Progress: Keep cleanliness

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Keep cleanliness
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Original image

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1. Open source image as background
2. Open ant image as layer.
3. With polygonal lasso tool or L key, copy ant image to a new layer.
4. Then reduce the image right on the corner of the transform box
5. The result is like this

Creation of Keep cleanliness: Step 1
sources used for this step:

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1. Place ant image to background. Just drag it from ant image to pills.
2. Position ant image above pills (background). With right click on side of image, you can rotate, flip or skew.
3. For more details, see the picture

Creation of Keep cleanliness: Step 2

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1. Combine colors in the two images, if you want ant picture as same as color in background, you can use the "levels" or ctrl L
2. Input level and output level, move the cursor toward the desired. See the changes in the image. When finished click OK

Creation of Keep cleanliness: Step 3

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1. Using the eraser. Using Zoom Tools
2. Click on the eraser tool or the E key
3. Use this tool to remove the picture is not required. (In example) background images of ants.
4. If you want to get a more detailed picture, use zoom tool (Z) to clarify the picture.
5. The result like this

Creation of Keep cleanliness: Step 4

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1. Opacity and fill
2. Activate layer 1 or the image of ants.
3. Slide the navigation on the master opacity or fill. Adjust to your taste

Creation of Keep cleanliness: Step 5

Final result

Creation of Keep cleanliness: Final Result

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