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First of all, I used illustrator to made this successful and I would like apologize if I don’t have a drawing to trace my bee90 because I don’t have a scanner, and this is my first tutorial. I hope I deliver this tutorial very well.
Now! let’s start the tutorial. I used gradient background color(top=#2caee2, bottom=#82eef0), then I used Showcard Gothic to have a 9. Right Click->Create Outlines.

Creation of bee 90: Step 1

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Step 2.
If you see dots after you click the create outlines, then rotate to 50 angles->Use the gradient color (#fbb03b, #ffb336, #ffff00). Use the direction tool, ctrl + shift and then point out the side and then adjust to make the 9 like mine.
Use the ellipse tool for the eye and pen tool for the mouth.

Creation of bee 90: Step 2

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Use the pen tool for the body( color=#ffffff) and the stripe(#4e4e4e) like mine. It is easy to make a leg just use the pen tool again, just copy and paste if you finish one leg.

Creation of bee 90: Step 3

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Now! you’re going to make an antenna and the sting of the bee. Before you make an antenna you must deactivate the Fill and activate the stroke, and the size of the stroke is 5, make a little circle (#4b4b4c). Duplicate the antenna and send it to back (ctrl + open bracket). Use the pen tool again for the sting, deactivate the stroke and then activate the fill, make a triangle and adjust each side by using direction tool just like the 9 object. Color it #49494a and the half(#656565).

Creation of bee 90: Step 4

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Before you made the flower. You must make the brush for the petal. Add new layer, then Click Rounded rectangle tool->Direct Selection Tool. Do what I have done, after you made this. Drag the object to brush section. Click New Pattern Brush, then ok.

Creation of bee 90: Step 5

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Use ellipse tool->click the brush that you made earlier. You see the result, now you made a flower. Select all the flower, Click object->expand appearance. If you done it, click Effect->Artistic->Film Grain. Adjust the Grain(2), Highlight area(3), Intensity(8), then click ok.

Creation of bee 90: Step 6

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Click ctrl+shift, and then point the mouse to the circle of the flower. Then click Effect->Stylize->DropShadow. Adjust the Drop Shadow.

Creation of bee 90: Step 7

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Ctrl+Shift Click each petal of the flower, use the gradient color(#fb8b21,# fcbf21) and type of gradient is radial. Now you see the result of your work. Use ellipse tool again then place it into center of the flower, I want you to have the same gradient color of your petal and the type of gradient, click stylize->drop shadow, then adjust it like mine.

Creation of bee 90: Step 8

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Use the pen tool for the branch of the flower. Use the gradient color (#39b54a,# 006837). Then ctrl + open bracket to make the branch send backward, and then draw a leaves, the gradient color(#009640,# 006937) and the type of gradient is radial. I used radial to make sure I can control the light green by using gradient tool. Duplicate a leaves or ctrl+c to copy and paste. Adjust the size, then right click-> transform->rotate to 120 angles. Place the second leaves to the left side.

Creation of bee 90: Step 9

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Add new layer for the wings of the bee, and then use the showcard gothic font. Color it to white. Right click-> create outline. Then right click again-> transform-> rotate to 40 angles and transparent it to 76 %. Duplicate the wing and then send second wing to back.

Creation of bee 90: Step 10

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You’re going to create a single grass, use the pen tool and do what I have done. Color (#8ded39,# 4f9542) and type of gradient is radial. Duplicate it as many as you want.

Creation of bee 90: Step 11

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Use pen tool again for the cloud and the sun. For the sun, click effect->Blur->Guassina Blur and radius(2.8)

Creation of bee 90: Step 12

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The final step, duplicate the whole flower and the bee as many as you want.

Creation of bee 90: Step 13

Final result

Creation of bee 90: Final Result

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