A Work in Progress: Winter Love Triangle

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Winter Love Triangle
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As you can see, I started with sketching in Painter 11 using the "Cover Pencil" (and my Intuos4) which I found to be great for sketching. For this step, you have to be precise and work every detail out, because that way you won't have to guess on things during the inking stage.

Creation of Winter Love Triangle: Step 1

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Inking in Painter with the "Scratchboard Tool". If you have a nice sketch, this stage should be easy. I kept the lines kind of rough because it gives the image a nice crispiness and keeps it from looking too digital.

Creation of Winter Love Triangle: Step 2

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I moved the image into Photoshop CS5 and laid in "fats". All i had to do was select an area with the wand (if it's not closed, use the polygonal lasso), then go Select => Modify => Expand and type in 1 or 2 pixels. This puts the selection borders in the middle of the outlines so you won't get any uncolored spots in between the color and the outline. Then you just use your brush to color in the selected area. Keep every color on a separate layer because it's easier to shade that way.

Creation of Winter Love Triangle: Step 3

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I added shading to every color using the lasso tool. If you lock the transparency on the layers, you can't go out of the lines.

Creation of Winter Love Triangle: Step 4

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I felt the background to be too empty so I added the mountains using the same techniques.

Creation of Winter Love Triangle: Step 5

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I changed the background gradient and painted some clouds with a custom brush I made using daarken's tutorial. I also added some final details such as the fog or the highlights on the wood and hair. And that's pretty much it. =]

Creation of Winter Love Triangle: Step 6
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Not yet. Gradients are apparently not allowed, so I deleted the background layer and created a new "gradient" using the brush on low opacity. NOW it's done :D

Creation of Winter Love Triangle: Step 7

Final result

Creation of Winter Love Triangle: Final Result

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