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These are the references i used from Poser library: Male skeleton model and Male muscular model.

Creation of Oblivion: Step 1

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From the tail of the dragonfly, I started making the ribcage & the backbone, warp transform, copy & repeat process , so on.
For the parts where the tail could not be warped or didn't look to good i had to paint it manually.
I made half of the rib cage and then flipped it.

Creation of Oblivion: Step 2

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On top of the skelet torso I started placing the spider web-based on the muscle reference for poser.
It was made from the wing of the dragonfly( which was Hi-res at the time) warp/transform, etc.
I didn't make the back part of the web cause it was looking confusing.
At the end i masked some parts out, so it won't look all symetrical.

Creation of Oblivion: Step 3

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I applied layers of highlights, shadows and shadowcast from the web. The last thing (shadowcast) i made it recently, as it seemed to be looking good like this, the original had no shadow from the web.

Creation of Oblivion: Step 4

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The background was made from the original's hi-res BG, made an effect of stone with lightning and clouds in channel.
I also added the wire from the source, to add more dynamic to the entry & take from it's symetry.
Thanks for reading my SBS.

Creation of Oblivion: Step 5

Final result

Creation of Oblivion: Final Result

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