A Work in Progress: Moment of impact

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Moment of impact
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I was asked by CMYK46 to make a SBS for this image. When i receive comments on my images i always try to act on them. It could be more shadow here some light there. This is why i'm here, to learn more. Right on with the SBS...

I start with an idea and see if i can find the right source images to make my idea 'real'. Finding the right images is a must! Below is my smashed window.

Creation of Moment of impact: Step 1

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I then needed to find a face. Not just any face, a grimace. I was very lucky to find exactly what i was looking for.

Creation of Moment of impact: Step 2

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I then opened a new document the same size (or there abouts) and filled with black. Then i brought in the smashed glass image. I wanted the glass in the centre to be coming towards me, so decided to use the spherize filter. On the left is before...toggle the settings to suit. It's only slight but sometimes thats all it needs.

Creation of Moment of impact: Step 3

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I then cut out a selection of the face image and brought this into the image. Adjust the opacity of the glass layer and position of the face to suit. Use the eraser tool set to a low opacity and start to reveal the face.

Creation of Moment of impact: Step 4

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Once done i gave the face a slight perspective transform just to give the look of the forehead hitting first. A hue/sat adjusment layer was carried out with some dodging and burning to the face followed by a bit selective sharpen to the face.

That's it. You can get great results with good stock and a little imagination.

This was my first SBS so sorry if i've left anything out but if you need to know, PM me. I'm still learning and love reading my comments and acting on them! :-)

Creation of Moment of impact: Step 5

Final result

Creation of Moment of impact: Final Result

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