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Pixel Devil
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Original picture - one of my two monitors and my messy desk. I know using a computer monitor as a common household item is a bit shopworn but that idea is now out of the way.

Creation of Pixel Devil: Step 1

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After I uploaded the photograph to my computer I drew a rough face on a fresh layer in dark blue against the midblue background of another layer. Then I created the highlights of the face on a third layer. The eyes were made using a gradient in a circle on one layer, in a new layer I created another circle and placed a multicoloured gradient as the start of the iris - playing with filters and overlays . Thirdly in another layer created a black disc for the pupil and in a further layer the highlights.
Using the original drawing (not shown) I cut out the eye holes from the blue background - Then used the holes as a selections for the eyes themselves. The results is on the black background.

Creation of Pixel Devil: Step 2

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Here you can see the layer styles that were applied to create the effect seen.

Creation of Pixel Devil: Step 3

Final result

Creation of Pixel Devil: Final Result

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