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this image is made in 3ds max.first take a plane in front viewport l=3981;w=6254.then use material on it.use default basic parameter but in maps add raytrace in reflection .In refraction add gradient ramp,
with coordinates tiling u=9.8,v=4.7
parametres(4 ramp):-r=0,g=218,b=15,pos=0.

gradient type=linear and interpolation =linear.
noise amount=0.6,size=1.44

Creation of boundess: Step 1

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make two half shperes using slice option first having redius=290,sec.=245.then add torus between them r1=243;r2=40.looks like this joint both spheres. then make cylinder r=2,l=245.goes its modifer use bend option angle= 217,axis=7.then with shift key make 2 more copies of it. add it upward and downwards of spheres.
Add golden material on it :-
diffuse color:-r=245,g=208,b=0.specular level=128, glossiess=50. and goes maps ,in reflection add reytrace

Creation of boundess: Step 2

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with use of same cylinder shape and add sphere r=63,s=32 between them ,with help of rotation and copy ,make flowery shape.add same gloden material on it .

Creation of boundess: Step 3

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with help of shift key copy n paste flowery 3 more shape and adjust it around the sphere use light and camera and get final image

Creation of boundess: Step 4

Final result

Creation of boundess: Final Result

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