A Work in Progress: Foxgloves 'n Butterflies

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Foxgloves 'n Butterflies
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Background source is this watercolor painting I did last summer on site at a garden in the town where we live.

Creation of Foxgloves 'n Butterflies: Step 1

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Beets are lassoed and moved onto new canvas to use liquify warp tool to begin shaping into flower shapes.

Creation of Foxgloves 'n Butterflies: Step 2

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More shaping has been done with liquify warp and smudge tools, then trimming has been done with eraser tool.

Creation of Foxgloves 'n Butterflies: Step 3

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More details have been done with smudge and eraser tools now using a portion of painting as a reference which will be removed later.

Creation of Foxgloves 'n Butterflies: Step 4

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Flowers are now duplicated, some rotated and scaled larger or smaller. They are placed at bottom first, building up to the top where buds are added with paint brush tools. Green details are added with brush tool in several shades of green, then burn tool adds dimension and shading.

Creation of Foxgloves 'n Butterflies: Step 5

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Stalks of flowers are put into the background scene. The hummingbird in original painting has been eliminated. Flower stalks are sized with scale tool to 3 different sizes, larger one placed in foreground, smallest at back. More shading is done with burn tool.

Creation of Foxgloves 'n Butterflies: Step 6

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A new dark red layer is added over the background then opacity reduced until a pleasing rosy color is over the picket fence. Filters are also placed over the stalks of flowers after leaves and stems are brushed in with brush tools. Burn tool and dodge tool create shadows and highlights where needed. Butterflies are added finally, painting them in with the brush tool. I chose to keep them in tones of white since I want to feature the flowers rather than the butterflies.

Creation of Foxgloves 'n Butterflies: Step 7

Final result

Creation of Foxgloves 'n Butterflies: Final Result

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