A Work in Progress: Rainy Day

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Rainy Day
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Original image

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Open up original image.

Creation of Rainy Day: Step 1

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Go to image adjustments and levels. Mess around with the levels until you get a dark look.

Creation of Rainy Day: Step 2

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ADD THE RAIN and Lens Flare

Add a new Layer
Filter > Noise > Add Noise (Settings: 81.17%, Gaussian, Monochromatic)
Filter > Blur > Motion Blur
(Settings: -47 degree angle, Distance 24 pixels)
Image > Image Adjustments > Levels
(Input: 201; 1.00; 255)
Go to layer palette and change blending mode to Screen.
Render>Lens Flare

Creation of Rainy Day: Step 3

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1) Open the gardiant tool
2) Select transparent rainbow
3)Adjust the settings
4)Choose the radial gardiant on toolbar and draw a line
5) Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates
6) Erase any unwanted parts.

Creation of Rainy Day: Step 4

Final result

Creation of Rainy Day: Final Result

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