A Work in Progress: Froggy Flowers

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Froggy Flowers
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Original image

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Eye lassoed onto new canvas, then cloned with design all over.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 1

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Container for flowers shaped with the eraser and smudge tools. Dark portion at top is left dark and will be covered by the flowers.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 2

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With liquify warp tool set at 65 size and 50% hardness, further shaping of top of container is done here.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 3

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Liquified section is duplicated and new sections are moved to cover canvas. Some are turned end for end with the edit/transform/vertical flip tool to create more interesting pattern.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 4

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Pattern created in last step is duplicated to cover a new 20 x 60 canvas, then will be 'visibly merged'. This will be the background for the floral arrangement.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 5

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A blue-green filter is placed over the background.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 6

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Vase created from frog't eye is moved in, duplicated, then flipped vertically for reflection on table. The same is done for the frog, then the frogs sides and legs are extended using the smudge tools. Burn tool will be used for shadows on both the vase and the frog

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 7

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Flowers were formed using frog's mouth, yellow part for yellow lilies. The smudge tool is used to pull the color into the flower shape. The other flowers were made the same way, using the smudge tool to pull out the shapes, then edges are finished off with a small eraser tool. Colors can be changed with brightness/contrast tool. Shadows will be done with burn tool, and dodge tool for additional hightlights.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 8

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Eye is turned into the center of the black-eyed susans by stretching with liquify warp tool or smudge tool. Either will work, but to use liquify the size will have to be scaled up. Petals for susans are made the same way using the orange color below the frog's mouth. Later I further smoothed up some of the petals using the smudge tool.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 9

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Now on a new canvas 10 x 10, petals are duplicated, some rotated to right, some to left. Some are shortened with the edit/transform/distort tool. They will be used on side toward back and behind the black center. (Center is set to layer 'front'. ) After all petals have been fit around the center, 'all visible layers' are merged so that flower can be moved onto canvas.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 10

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Background is changed, adding a new gradient fill layer . Opacity is set around 70 so that design of background will show through. Bouquet is being started here and container (vase) is moved slightly off center to the right.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 11

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Here I decided to add some line material, so drew some driftwood in with the brush tool, using several shades of grey, then later used smudge tool to create texture. Shadows were finally made with burn tool and highlights with dodge tool.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 12

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Here the lily is moved into the scene and duplicated to form group of lilies. Some are flipped horizontally, rotated, and scaled as needed to form the cluster of flowers. Brightness/contrast tool will help vary colors of individual blooms. Stem will be brushed in with brush tool, then burned for shadows and dodged for highlights.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 13

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After lily cluster is done, the orange flower is moved in. It, too, is duplicated, some duplications being slightly rotated one way or the other as needed. Some are moved into layers behind the driftwood rather than placing them all in the front. Shadows and highlights also have to be added with burn and dodge tools. Color variations can be adjusted with brightness/contrast tool.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 14

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The flower formed with the five petals is duplicated, with the duplication being scaled slightly smaller, then being rotated and placed in center of the original form. A center is made with airbrush tool, then later I used the airbrush with a lighter color and in dissolve mode added the hightlight to the center. This flower can be used as a single flower also without adding the second layer to it.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 15

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Finally, stems are put in for all the flowers, a leaf is added under yellow flowers at the bottom. Last minute adjustments to shadows and highlights are done.

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Step 16

Final result

Creation of Froggy Flowers: Final Result

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