A Work in Progress: Samsung logo upside down

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Samsung logo upside down
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Use the pen tool to extract the symbol. Use the low opacity eraser to fine tune the border of the extracted layer. Turn it upside down and put it on top of the garage.

Creation of Samsung logo upside down: Step 1

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Re-create the lost part of the background. With the garage, use the clone tool from the behind part of the garage to make the front part. Duplicate the halve of the gate, then flip this layer to make the left part. Use clone and sponge to delete the yellow part of the symbol, which is remained behind the trees). Use path tool to make the upper part of the symbol disappears behind the upside down layer.

Creation of Samsung logo upside down: Step 2

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because the sun is nearly on top, clear the shadow of the phone on the center of the hand. Clone the "Samsung" from the original place, delete the word "g" by clone tool. Distort the word to make it suited to the new place. Also, make some lower shadows for them. Change the light exposure of the highest part, lighter on the right then darker on the left. Fine tune the symbol by eraser and blur tool for the border.

Creation of Samsung logo upside down: Step 3

Final result

Creation of Samsung logo upside down: Final Result

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