A Work in Progress: Elephant in highway

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Elephant in highway
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Original image

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First of all you need to copy left side wich have trees , and place it in the right , is to easy.
And start to delete unwanted things with Brush Eraser. (not Pencil , Or Block) , and with Burn tool , make some lines wich need us for shadow(the road to look like is down.)

Is easy to make both sides the same. For among them is white.

Creation of Elephant in highway: Step 1

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From picture (highway) snapped parts that want to put on paper.
At the end of the picture we have parts that need to delete. As we said earlier also to delete unwanted parts do not use delete or Pencil Block, because it will not function well.

Creation of Elephant in highway: Step 2

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From picture highway, disjoint parts that will need us, as example. stones, and Add them in the right of way, because it looks like part of the set, while the left will be covered by elephant. With brooms delete unwanted parts from stones. That's all. is very simple.

Creation of Elephant in highway: Step 3

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From the picture of elephant must terminate all other parts are about elephant.
To do this will serve Beground Eraser .. is a very simple act ..
Having placed elephant in our production, place the car in the paper, and start to take parts that we need. (As you see in the example.)
Select elephant and go to Image> Adjustment> Auto color.
Also go well with other parts.
Having occurred even this, select all the parts and change their color with a click CTRL + U.
That's all, just.

Creation of Elephant in highway: Step 4

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The outcome is very clear and satisfactory. Now on we left the rest. Add the rest of the left. The adjust via the CTRL + T> Warp tool.
The tail of the elephant should be above all. Once it looks like the end, the Burn tool among car shade. THE END.

Creation of Elephant in highway: Step 5

Final result

Creation of Elephant in highway: Final Result

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