A Work in Progress: "Why?"

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empty room

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I removed the window in favor of a door, using the pen tool for a smooth arch.

Creation of "Why?": Step 1

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I decided to make the far wall brick. This is a picture I took of a local building for the brick texture.

Creation of "Why?": Step 2

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Brick re-sized and dropped into scene

Creation of "Why?": Step 3

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The brick wall was duplicated, cut up, and fitted together to make it larger. This was done several times because it was easier to line up the grout lines with smaller sections. Non-matching areas were smudged and cloned to match.

Creation of "Why?": Step 4

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An inner doorway rim was drawn with the pen tool , selected and filled with a neutral color so brick texture could be applied on top of it. I don't think the bricks are set in the final blending mode in this pic, as I made many changes as I went.

Creation of "Why?": Step 5

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The source for the background was added. Thanks Lydiat

Creation of "Why?": Step 6

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I decided where the vanishing point should be, created a new layer, and drew guides for the inner-doorway grout lines, then proceeded to re-draw the grout and the bricks by using standard spatter brushes and by cloning portions of grout & brick.

Creation of "Why?": Step 7

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The books were actually added previous to the last step (thanks Pamporoff). The layer was duplicated.The duplicate was desaturated, and blackened with levels. Then it was flipped and distorted, with the opacity being lowered to about 52% to turn it into a shadow. Edges were adjusted to conform to the situation & a slight gaussian blur was added too.

Creation of "Why?": Step 8

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This view shows my unused background with the added books.

Creation of "Why?": Step 9

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After the book was added, I went back and used the smudge tool to take away hard hard & unbelievable edges on the corners & add some darkness to the bright grout. (SBSs are hard for me because I jump around alot) (:

Creation of "Why?": Step 10

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boy added. Thanks Vincent Crivello

Creation of "Why?": Step 11

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boy cut out & dropped in before adjustments

Creation of "Why?": Step 12

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Toy car added.

Creation of "Why?": Step 13

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Shadows were added to the boy's dark side, floor, and the toy car was added

Creation of "Why?": Step 14

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Shadows were added to the car & floor by it. Table was masked and hue was changed, as was the hue on the ceiling & the floor. At some point I changed the blending mode of the brick wall too, but I don't remember when or what to.

Creation of "Why?": Step 15

Final result

Creation of "Why?": Final Result

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