A Work in Progress: Dirty game

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Dirty game
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black marker

Original image

step 1 of 4

extracted the image.. using brushes and pen tool gave shapes to the character

Creation of Dirty game: Step 1

step 2 of 4

gave depth using layer style... and started with eyes and mouth using marquee...
coloured the pen blue

Creation of Dirty game: Step 2

step 3 of 4

gave details on creatures with mainly brushes and few blending options... pattern of steel at the foot of pen was obtained by motion blurring the grain effect followed by wrapping....

Creation of Dirty game: Step 3

step 4 of 4

then added the dirt all over using brushes , blurring and displace options...

Creation of Dirty game: Step 4

Final result

Creation of Dirty game: Final Result

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