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Balloon Pixie
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Use a selection tool to select various parts of the balloons in the shapes of petals or what have you.

Creation of Balloon Pixie: Step 1

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Duplicate petals until you have as many as you need for your flower.

Use the Edit>Transform>Rotate and/or Warp and/or Scale to put your flower together.

Hide all layers including background layer, except for the layers of the flower that you're working on.

Select Layer>Merge Visible.

Creation of Balloon Pixie: Step 2

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Repeat for each flower you intend on making.

Creation of Balloon Pixie: Step 3

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Cut out the faerie and resize her.

Cut out the hair from the girl balloon.

Creation of Balloon Pixie: Step 4

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Use Edit>Transform>Scale to make the hair selection fit the bottom of your image. Use Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation to make it green for the grass.

Creation of Balloon Pixie: Step 5

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Fill the background with blue. Select Filter>Render>Clouds.

Select Filter>Blur>Radial Blur and place the center where you would like it.

Creation of Balloon Pixie: Step 6

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Place flowers and faerie into image. Use a small star brush that comes with photoshop and place stars where ever you'd like on the faerie layer.

Layer>Drop Shadow and Bevel/Emboss to everything.

Layer>Outer Glow to Faerie. Increase Size of glow.

Add a Curves Layer and increase contrast.

Creation of Balloon Pixie: Step 7

Final result

Creation of Balloon Pixie: Final Result

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