A Work in Progress: Got Drums? Toca AD

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Got Drums? Toca AD
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Original image

step 1 of 3

remade logo using layer and brushes to paint areas back in and then set gradient overlay to background and emboss to black part. Used new text layers for type.

Creation of Got Drums? Toca AD: Step 1

step 2 of 3

made border from pieces of drums. colored chunk stretched for sides and wooden embossed design from the other. warped, copied and flipped then adjusted curves and hue/sat till only had black and white. eliminated black and set emboss and opacity down. set to overlay on copied portion of the wood and repeated.

Creation of Got Drums? Toca AD: Step 2

step 3 of 3

added blurred bark from tree as background and small drum on left for foreground. copied and warped white drum head to make it bigger and then changed perspective. added shadowing and vignette. positioned logo and text to complete "ad"

Creation of Got Drums? Toca AD: Step 3

Final result

Creation of Got Drums? Toca AD: Final Result

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