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First made a basic guide line in PS with a graphic pen...

Creation of Ai: Step 1

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Looking closely at the original nano suit it seems complex... But at closer look, the contour on the suit follows the human muscles pattern... Not exactly but close to it...

So drew a rough sketch based on that...

Creation of Ai: Step 2

step 3 of 21

This is the line art without the guides...

Creation of Ai: Step 3

step 4 of 21

2nd Stage of Line art drawing...

Creation of Ai: Step 4

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This is the 3rd stage of the line art drawing...

Creation of Ai: Step 5

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Now 4th stage of line art done with pen tool and stoking the paths...

Outer line done with a 3 px 100% opacity hard brush and inner line done by 2 px 100% opacity hard brush...

Creation of Ai: Step 6

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Final stage of the line art...

Creation of Ai: Step 7

step 8 of 21

Now before starting to coloring and put texture in the line art... I mad an honey comb style pattern and made a texture with that...

Creation of Ai: Step 8

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Now starting coloring the line art... Made 5 flats, the suit base suit flat, the metal plate flat, gloves and boot flat , leather flat and lastly the mask flat..

Creation of Ai: Step 9

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Now I cut pasted and warped the texture I made earlier over the suit base flat...

And then I clipped the texture to the base flat and set it to multiply...

Now hiding the texture on to shading...

Creation of Ai: Step 10

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Now creating 4 hue/sat adjusment layer clipped to the base flat... I shaded 4 tones, dark, light, lighter and darker...

I usually shade only shadow( yup no highlights :P)... But for this particular piece, I went crazy...

Creation of Ai: Step 11

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Now I have unhidden the texture layer...

Creation of Ai: Step 12

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Now doing the same thing for all the other flats I get this...

Creation of Ai: Step 13

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Now I added the sky texture... And made 2 duplicates of it... And set the duplicate to multiply...

Creation of Ai: Step 14

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Now the sky looks like it has been painted...

Creation of Ai: Step 15

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Now I added clouds using the cloud brush...

Creation of Ai: Step 16

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Now I added the character... But I found that she doesn't match the environment...

She looks too metallic for the background...

Creation of Ai: Step 17

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Played with the curves a little till I get this...

Creation of Ai: Step 18

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Now adding some red spots in the armor, liquifying, smudging and adding outer glow I get this...

Creation of Ai: Step 19

step 20 of 21

Giving a Gaussian blur to the lights...

Creation of Ai: Step 20

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Now making a copy of the char, selecting some parts of it and adding motion blur...

Creation of Ai: Step 21

Final result

Creation of Ai: Final Result

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very good SBS

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great sbs

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