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water drops..
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water bubbles

Original image

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im sorry i forgot to save each step, so i'll try to explain :)
i used the free transform to get the pic in angel & made the white back ground layer..i actually cut the bubbles of the pic -stupid me- so i copied the pic again & layered it under, u may see some difference in that angled pic & the original one because of this :P

Creation of water drops..: Step 1

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paste the bubbles, copied some more & fixed some with the clone tool

Creation of water drops..: Step 2

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i copied the bubbles layer & used Gaussian blur & moved it under the original bubble layer..

Creation of water drops..: Step 3

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i draw a white rectangle under the whole thing & free transformed it, added blending options (drop shadow)...

Creation of water drops..: Step 4

Final result

Creation of water drops..: Final Result

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