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welcome ladys and gentleman! today you learn to feed a hatter. lay back and enjoy the ride!

First you need to know that this special kind of hatter we use to feed is not esy to get content. you have to decide about ambient scene. best is to scatch the idea.

In this case i wanted the largest cutlery ive ever seen. this will add some flaver of absurdness to the picture. and the hatter had to have a noncharming, big smile.

(brush on extralayer)

Creation of Hungry hatter: Step 1

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Bubblegums, Bubblegums... put a square out of the blue gum, doubled it, lightened one of both up. than they were cloned, transformed and finally became a tablecloth. and a napkin.
well, now that the table is dressed, we will see what else this gumscqare can do for the atmosphere of the room. I blured it once, twice, changed the color and decided that it was a wonderfull sky. so we have a place for the meal now.

time to set the table!

Creation of Hungry hatter: Step 2

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we need food to feed someone. Bubbleberrys for example. (if they are eatable is not a question for today) This was easy with dyeing the blue gum to a red ball. lot of red balls are a whole red ball meal, but wiht a green touch its also for the critic hatter good enough.

but they would be tastyer with pepper and salt. trasromed, liquified and leveltreated there are they. i cut the part out where the salt would be. for the leftover bottle i used a plasticwrapfilter filter and dodge for make it a little glassy. pepper is broun salt. and thats a case for hue/saturation. The closing is a half bubblegum. desaturated and dodged for the shining metaleffect. i "burned" holes in it for a better communication between the meal and the salt/pepper, when they decide to get in contact.

Creation of Hungry hatter: Step 3

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whats a hatter without hat?
oh wonderfull bubblegum, transformed in three different ways, put together as one single cylinder. dyed red and green.

The dishes are missed. Thats need a change. (also in the color and form of the blue bubblegum again) I doubled it, Put it together to a disk for the bubbleberrys. delicious!

Creation of Hungry hatter: Step 4

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well. we have: a table (clothed), a dish, a hat, a sky and some food. but where is the hatter?

His head is full of bubblegum: (ok, its completly made from liquified or transformed gum) for the eyebrows i used the smudgtool. again: curves, colors, levels for get a acceptable skintone. I refined it with dodge and burn.

Creation of Hungry hatter: Step 5

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a head needs a body. Bubblegum seems to be the right ressource. Tramsform, liquify and arrange, no needles or fabric involved. yapp. hue/saturation and the levels gave the right tone. not to forget the knobs, finest bubblegum of cause.

Creation of Hungry hatter: Step 6

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and here the tuba comes in.
thats the trick to make a meal a synphonie. (and to get a fork and a knife)

The hold is made with a piece of it, motionblur, spongefilter and colored original in softlightlayermode. the borders and the metalpiece on the end is the same tubapart. for the forks spikes i used - as for the blade another part of the instrument. than a little dodge and burn, and ready are the big big cutles. but just in its basics ;)

Creation of Hungry hatter: Step 7
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so, the fork and the knife needs some refines. I changed the proporties, added some shapes to them. and gave em a little styleup.

Were nerly ready now... the hatter has arrived, the desk is arranged, but oh no, he has no hands to hold his cutles! As so often, bubblegum is the soution.

we are ready now. everything else is now to the hatter. enjoy!

Creation of Hungry hatter: Step 8

Final result

Creation of Hungry hatter: Final Result

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