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furry monster - created by JamesP

furry monster
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(5 years and 1592 days ago)

avatar MossyB
MossyB says:

Too dark. Can't make out the creature's shape, and the wings just look like blue twigs...

author says:

ok, what do you suggest? I haven't ever drawn wings before - exspecailly on a pc...
as far as it beening too dark ? from the direction of the light source what else, would you have me do?

avatar sgc
sgc says:

Author, you could select the "skin/fur" sections of the wings (or create them); then fill with a foreground color to transparent. A look at a bat pic should give you enough of an idea to go from

I see MossyB's point, but still like what you have done! GL!

avatar MossyB
MossyB says:

Your light source is upper right. The skin on the wings should be showing some refraction/reflection of the light source, even if slight, not just jet black.

If you are not familiar with drawing on a PC, I suggest you do not draw objects with hard lighting and harsh shadows on black backgrounds. Light is NOT pinpoint narrow. It is reflected to varying degrees off of any surface. Fur and skin absorb some amounts of light and then refract it back out, and whatever ground surface (rocks?) would be lit up with a light source as bright as you are using, if the claws are any indication.

author says:

Thanks Mossy and sgc for comments

MossyB - if I don't draw those things, how will I ever get better at them?
Plus - entering my mistakes here is a good thing, because of the talent and willingness of all other user's of this site can point me and any one else in need (or wants) - in the direction(s) on how to get better

edit - added a shadow to the rocks, and tried to add a felling of transparency to the wings (although I'm still not sure there is enough light hitting the wings.....---....)

avatar ibmaxed
ibmaxed says:

Your exactly right author. Keep at it. With wings you need to multi layer, especially for translucency. Both mossy and sgc have some helpful pointers. GL

avatar erathion
erathion says:

very cool fluffy monster...gl

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