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Remember when you grew up you saw monsters everywhere while laying awake in your bed? Shadows made 4 eyed monsters on the wall from a car passing by, a ghost on the ceiling made by a nearby traffic light. The sounds coming from below sounded like a growling monster under your bed.

Now you've grown up the ghosts and monsters are gone, you know they are shadows and the sounds coming from the people living underneath.

Draw us the monsters which used to live in your bedroom.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

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Scary Night - created by Glockman

Scary Night
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Tommy wakes up at 2 am and has a funny feeling, he glances over toward his brothers bed and senses something is not normal. He knows that was his brother John when they went to bed, but now he is not to sure.

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Captain blaargh - created by tk

Captain blaargh
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