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By tk
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Draw your idea of a post-apocalyptic world. It can be anything: a cityscape, a vehicle, surviving humans (how they dress, lifestyle)...

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

saranga: Does it have to be a digital drawing or it can be a traditional drawing too.. ( 5 years and 115 days ago )
saranga: hello?? anybody?? ( 5 years and 114 days ago )
TheBlack-Arrow: It says on the thumbnail that it is a digital drawing contest, which means no traditional drawings. ( 5 years and 113 days ago )

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Sentry no. 47 - created by tk

Sentry no. 47
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Super machines built for mindless annihilation have somehow survived the past war. These mechanical beings still roam the earth in pursuit of any living thing it crosses despite the disappearance of their vile masters. It seems like the battle has never ended. (5 years and 101 days ago)

the last and the least - created by altoxis

the last and the least
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(5 years and 102 days ago)

Well, Guess It's Just You And Me - created by samthecat

Well, Guess Its Just You And Me
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It gets lonely after the apocalypse. (5 years and 103 days ago)